Bizzy Bee Feeder

A Newly Designed Patent Pending Top of Hive Feeder - Designed and made in the U.S.A.

As an enthusiastic beekeeper, I struggled with being able to properly feed and manage my hives.

I was disappointed with the different feeder styles I purchased.

  • Entrance feeders require frequent refilling, often leak, and can encourage robbing. 
  • Internal feeders drown many bees, take up valuable frame space and required the hive to be opened. 
  • Feeding pollen patties required a spacer to be installed to provide a sufficient gap to close the outer cover.
  • Feeding dry pollen or granulated sugar requires wax paper to be placed on top of the frames.

Other hive management tasks required other components.

  • During colder months, I had to add a foam insulator under the outer cover to help insulate the top of the hive. 
  • Monitoring the internal temperature and humidity, required  a spacer under the outer cover to create the extra space needed for the sensors I used. 

Unable to find a versatile product with more than one purpose, I decided to design a feeder with features and functions I knew would help me manage my hives more effectively. 

After incorporating different ideas, testing various prototype designs, and 3 years of trial and error, I finally created the Bizzy Bee Feeder.

Simply stated: I wanted to develop something that would not only benefit my bees, but help other backyard beekeepers become more successful at hive  management.


Introducing, the Bizzy Bee Feeder

Upper Section Features

Upper Section Features

Upper Section Features


  • Easy liquid fill design. Simply remove your outer cover and pour sugar syrup up to the fill line.
  • 1¼ gallon (4 liter) capacity liquid chamber with maximum fill line indicator.
  • Tapered liquid chamber forces fluid to the center. 
  • Circular fluid chamber access provides adequate space for several bees to feed simultaneously.
  • Tight tolerances with angled fluid chamber access, minimize bee drowning.
  • Separate dry feed chamber for pollen, pollen substitute or granulated sugar.
  • Vented cover for bee observation and accessing dry feed chamber.
  • All season front ventilation allow unwanted heat and / or moisture to escape.
  • Vent tape helps keep ants from getting into the sugar syrup.
  • Additional front bee entrance.

Lower Section Features

Upper Section Features

Upper Section Features


  • Designed to fit both Langstroth 8 frame and 10 frame hive bodies and covers.
  • Hi density polystyrene construction is strong for long life and provides insulation during colder months.
  • Built in spacer for pollen patties, fondant  or sugar candy during the spring or fall. 
  • Queen cage introduction cutout eliminates the need to place the cage between frames when introducing a new queen. 
  • Temperature and humidity sensor cutout area designed to work with various technologies for internal hive monitoring. 
  • Separate bee access to fluid chamber and dry feed chamber.
  • Support feet provide extra support and allow the feeder to be placed on a flat surface reducing crushed bees during hive inspections.