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Bizzy Bee Farms

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About Us

Actually it's about me and bees...

Hi, my name is Mark Olivo and I am an enthusiastic beekeeper.  I also enjoy flower and vegetable gardening and woodworking.

This website is being developed to help me combine those interests into a side business.

I am developing an online "intro" to beekeeping class for those interested in learning more about beekeeping.  I will offer and conduct complete courses for new backyard beekeepers.  The BYOB series;  Bee Your Own Beekeeper and Build Your Own Beehive. 

My online store, NEBEEKS is being built to offer beekeeping supplies and custom made garden hives for anyone interested in beekeeping. 

Please sign up for my bee-mail list below and I will keep you updated on what's new.  Take a look around or drop me a line and say hi.   

While I work on building my side business, I maintain a full time position as a Senior IT Manager for a global company.  To learn more about me, refer to my LinkedIn profile.

Bee happy, bee thoughtful, bee well. 


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